recycle bin
Kenton Senior High School’s Recycling program is up and running. Two Kenton High School seniors, Mallory Bloom and Amber Paul, have combined efforts with the high school Life Skills Class to promote recycling at Kenton High School. Together with Linda Wuethrich, representing the local Solid Waste District and Ruth Crates, Life Skills teacher, the two FFA members have planned a school-wide pledge activity. Students at KHS have been challenged to pledge their support for school-wide recycling by signing a pledge card. The cards will be placed in a drawing. Eight red KHS Wildcat blankets, made from recycled materials and donated by the Solid Waste District, will be given away to the names drawn from the pledge cards. Two winners from each class will take home a blanket.

Red recycling bins have been place in most classrooms. Containers for plastic bottles and aluminum cans will soon be place in the cafeteria and other strategic locations in the building. KHS students and staff will have a cleaner building and help the environment as well.
pledge to recycle