April  14, 2009
Curriculum Meeting 6:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Administration Building
222 West Carrol Street
Kenton, OH   43326

Learning Is The Bridge To Success

1.    Call to order – President ___________________        Time __________

2.    Roll call of members


3.    Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Approval and/or correction of the minutes of the regular meeting of
March 16, 2009

Motion to accept ____________Second__________Vote_____________

5.    Principal/Supervisor/Faculty Reports

a.    High School
b.    Middle School
c.    Elementary
d.    Curriculum
e.    Technology
f.    Cafeteria Report

Motion to accept____________Second____________Vote____________

6.     The public participation section of the Board of Education’s Agenda is specifically designated for the public to address the Board with their compliments, concerns and/or questions.  The Board welcomes your    comments.  If you wish to address the Board regarding a problem, the Board would remind you of two things.  First, your comments should be factual and respectful of the rights of others. Second, before coming to the Board with a specific problem, you should have first addressed the problem with the appropriate teacher, staff member or administrator.

a.   Jolene Buchenroth

Motion to accept____________Second____________Vote____________

7.    Reports of Treasurer

a.    Cash position report of March 31, 2009.

Motion to accept____________Second____________Vote____________

b.    Review of accounts payable (check register)

Motion to accept____________Second____________Vote____________

c.     Investment report

Motion to accept____________Second____________Vote____________

8.   Superintendent’s reports/communications


9.    Board Committee Reports


10.    Old Business


11.    New Business


Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

b. Approve the supplemental one year limited contracts for 2008-2009,     contingent upon receipt of required certificates.  (BCI, FBI, Sports     Medicine, CPR, Activity Certificate, etc.)

Rebecca Wolfe – Winter Freshman Cheerleader

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

c.  Approve Employment of Teachers – Contracts for the 2009 – 2010 School Year.


Matt Dudek                    Jen Lee
Brad Blue                    Matt Best
Karen Nease
Renea Flowers
Michelle Kinnear

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________


Traci Jones                    Kristin Kachmar
Thomas Buroker                Angela Neal-Kimmel
David Clifford                Melody Norris
Tim Davis                    Julie Porter
Anne Eley                    Danielle Raszka
Michelle Gammon                Nicholas Stuck
Allison Haver                Rebecca Wolfe
Jennifer Hiller                Jim Ulrich                 Melissa Holcomb                Jeff Zerby
Katie Ketcham

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________


Heidi Barrett                Ryan Malany
Amy Boone                    Tom McBrayer
Sue Buroker                    Deborah McEntee
Ruth Crates                    Karen Nease
Ann Downing                Jeremy Reed
Richard Eyestone                Terry Rowe
Sally Ganger                Ellen Sheldon
Elizabeth Horner                Harold Vermillion
Ryan Ludwig

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

d.  Accept the resignation of Supplemental Contracts at the conclusion of     their duties for the 2008 – 2009 school year.

Ryan Ludwig – Sophomore Class Advisor
Allison Haver – Freshman Class Advisor (1/2)
Deb Bartlett – Senior Class Advisor
Bari Bradford – Junior Class Advisor
Kevin Kapanka – Freshman Class Advisor (1/2)
Ruth Crates – Department Chair of Special Education
Brett Bahr – 7th Grade Asst. Football Coach
Billy Lawrence – 7th Grade Basketball Coach – Boys
Billy Lawrence – High School Head Softball
Todd Beitzel – 7th Grade Basketball – Girls
Shawn Huston – 8th Grade Asst. Football
Greg Saylor – 8th Grade Basketball Coach – Girls
Chad West – KMS Asst. Track Coach
Megan Manns – KMS Track Coach
Alyssia Kitchen – KMS Asst. Volleyball Coach
Heather White – KMS Fall Cheerleader Advisor
Heather White – KMS Winter Cheerleader Advisor
Jared Manns – KMS Wrestling (1/2)
Don Castle – KMS Head Volleyball Coach
Mark Schwemer – KHS Girls Soccer Coach
Rick Collins – KMS Quiz Team Advisor (1/2)
Robin Hughes – KMS Quiz Team Advisor (1/2)
Robin Hughes – KHS Quiz Team Advisor (1/2)
Robin Hughes – M.S. Yearbook Advisor (1/2)
Rebecca Wolfe – KHS Quiz Team Advisor (1/2)
Brian Petty – High School Asst. Boys Soccer Coach
Merrill Kaufman – High School Head Swimming Coach
Kim Kaufman – High School Assistant Swimming Coach
Shawn Dobbins – KHS Asst. Track Coach (1/2)
John Hines – High School Musical Director/Top 20 Assistant
Deb Newman – Elementary Library Supervisor
Jason Jones – H.S. Asst. Baseball Coach (1/2)
Matt Dudek – High School Assistant Baseball Coach (1/2)
Jane Baker – KMS Yearbook Advisor (1/2)

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

e.  Approve that Supplemental contracts be non-renewed no later than     the final day of the 2008 – 2009 school year or end of the season, which     ever is first.

Tomi Allen – Flag Corp Advisor
Rob Roby – 8th Grade Head Football Coach
Ashlee Worthington – Majorette Advisor
Jason Manns – KMS Wrestling (1/2
Ron Klesmit – High School Head Wrestling Coach
Jason VanBuskirk – KHS Asst. Wrestling Coach
Amanda Wells – KHS Girls Tennis / KHS Boys Tennis
Dave Stuck – High School Assistant Track (1/2)
Matt McCullough – Assistant Basketball Coach
Nathalie Bullock – Ticket Manager
Adam Dick – 8th grade Boys Basketball Coach

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

f.  Approval of the following volunteers for the 2008-2009 school year,     contingent upon required certificates.  (FBI,BCI, Sports Medicine, CPR,     Activity Certificate, etc.)

Bradford Lautar

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

g.  Recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4 – 8, 2009.

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

h.  Approve the hiring of John Dean as Custodian, 2nd shift at the High     School effective April 15, 2009.  Step 1 – 8 hrs. per day – 260 days per     year.   60 days probation starting April 15 and ending July 9, 2009.  The     61st day being July 10, 2009.

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

i.  Approve the hiring of Phillip Jennings as Bus Driver for the p.m.     shuttle route.  Step 1 – (2 hours per day – 187 days per year).  60 days     probation starting April 15, 2009 and ending September 22, 2009.  The     61st day being September 23, 2009.

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

j.  Accept the retirement  resignation of Fay Legge, Hardin Central     Cafeteria, effective July 1, 2009.  Fay started working as a sub in the     cafeteria in February of 1994 and became a full time employee in the     cafeteria in November of 1995.  Fay is requesting severance pay.

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

k.  Approve estimates for miscellaneous summer projects for KCS     buildings from the Hardin County Engineer’s Office totaling $18,394.15.      (See attached estimates)

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

l.  Approve the proposal to purchase a new 65-passenger school bus.      (See attached bids.)

Supplier: Cardinal Bus Blue Bird.
Cost:       $67,938.00

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

m.  Approve proposal of leasing ________ buses. (See attachment)

Supplier:  Cardinal Bus
Cost:        $68,138.00 (4.89% interest)

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

n.  Approve proposal to repair boiler room and hallway at High School.
(see attached bid)

Supplier:  5-C Roofing Professionals, Inc.
Cost:        $23,941.00

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

o.  Approve proposal to repair High School office and hallway.  (see     attached bid)

Supplier:  5-C Roofing Professionals, Inc.
Cost:        $23,567.00

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

p.  Approval of the following purchase order(s) that are over the $10,000          Superintendent limit:

#244 to Hardin County Auditor for Auditor and Treasurer Fees, etc. in the     amount of $59,847.60.

#249 to Huntington Private Financial for Medical Insurance in the amount     of $160,500.63.

#250 to Huntington Private Financial for Dental in the amount of     $13,351.26.

#253 to State Teachers Retirement System for 2nd half March in the     amount of $52,448.00.

#254 to State Employee Retirement System for 2nd half March in the     amount of $13,756.00.

#255  for 2nd half March State Foundation fees in the amount of     $34,942.11.

#4064 to Capital City Student Tours for balance of Washington DC Trip in     the amount of $54,348.00.

#4828 to Petroleum Traders for 7500 gallons of diesel fuel in the amount     of $12,090.00.

#4848 to Madison – Champaign Educational Service Center for quarterly     billing for Mac-a-cheek in the amount of $45,539.20.

#4862 to Hardin County Educational Service Center for Program costs,     Background checks, and Academy students tuitions for March in the     amount of $57,420.00

Motion to approve__________Second____________Vote____________

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, May18 , 2009 at the Administrative Office at 7:00 p.m.