Kenton City Schools will provide H1N1 flu vaccines to the registered students when this vaccine has arrived and made available to the county schools. The H1N1 flu vaccine comes in a 2 shot process, the first shot is given and 3 weeks later the 2nd shot will need to be given. The estimated arrival date is sometime in September or early October. There will be a nominal fee for this vaccine. The Kenton Hardin Health Department will be providing the vaccines and will be performing the injections. Other billing components are being investigated by the health department. If you have questions about your child’s need or eligibility to have the vaccine should be directed to your child’s physician. A consent for these vaccines to be given must be reviewed, signed and dated by the custodial parent/guardian before these vaccines will be given at the school based vaccine clinics. More information will be forthcoming as the school receives this information.

The following are symptoms associated with the H1N1 flu: fever, cough, sore throat, watery eye, vomiting, and body aches. Please remember that to reduce the spread of this and all communicable illnesses that it is imperative that the child and staff member stay home until their symptoms resolve; no fever for 24 hours or longer. Please remember that school is no place for anyone who is ill. Please practice hand washing frequently, and cough hygiene of coughing or sneezing into your fold of your arm instead of your hand, followed by hand washing. Remember to thoroughly dry your hands. Any questions that you may have regarding your symptoms should be directed to your child’s or your health care provider regarding any illness.

Brenda Jennings, R.N., B.A., Kenton City Schools Nurse