With the Kenton City Schools District being in session during the Hardin County Fair, we have been asked to clarify attendance rules concerning excused absences, perfect attendance and assignment makeup procedures. The administrative guideline covers those concerns and relates only to the Hardin County Fair, not surrounding county fairs or other activities.

Please complete the Hardin County Fair Guidelines form available here for each student that will be missing school days due to the Hardin County Fair.

For “field trip” absences or excused absences, students will be given one day makeup time for each day absent. Makeup days begin on the Monday following the fair.

Example: If a student missed one day for the Hardin County Fair, they would have the Monday after the fair to makeup work and it would be due during the regular class time on Tuesday.

Work, tests, projects, etc. missed due to unexcused absences will not receive credit. Assignments will be given to students prior to the absence if they are available and can be accomplished in that manner.

Example: A science lab that needs to be done in the science room and needs proper supervision cannot be sent home.

All written excuses must be presented to the student’s school of attendance prior to the absence to be considered for “field trip” or excused status.