Kenton City Schools will again offer all 6th grade students the tDAP vaccine which is required for entry into all Ohio public schools for 7th graders each fall. The Kenton Hardin Health Department will be offering the tDAP, with parent consent, for $24.00 payable on the day of the school clinic on Friday May 6th, 2011 at Kenton Middle School.If writing a check, please make it payable to the Kenton Hardin Health Department.

Another vaccine is recommended for children of this age group. It is the meningiococcal vaccine for meningitis. The cost per vaccine is $24.00.

If your child gets both vaccines the cost is $34.00 total.

Any questions about this vaccine clinic should be forwarded to Brenda Jennings, Kenton City Schools Nurse by calling 419-673-0775.

Update: Please note change in location and times for the Kenton City Schools’ 6th grader vaccine clinic on April 6th, 2011 and for the college bound seniors for May 2nd, 2011 from the specific schools to the location of the Kenton Hardin Health Department at 175 W. Franklin Street, from 3 P till 4:30 P.M.

Any questions, please contact the Kenton City Schools’ Nurse at 419-673-0775.