Families who do not have family physicians or health care providers, there is a new clinic that is open for families. The name is Kenton Community Health Center and it is located at 405 North Main St., Kenton, Ohio 43326. The phone number is 419-679-5994. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. until 4;30 P.M., not open weekends or holidays.

The services that this clinic provides are as follows:

  • Medical services, counselors, pharmacy and chiropractor.
  • Dental services will be coming to this site in 2012.

Medical care includes but is not all inclusive:

  • adult and childhood immunizations
  • physical and regular screenings
  • well child check-ups
  • stop smoking classes and walking clubs
  • sick care
  • ear aches
  • muscle sprains and strains
  • headaches and other common illnesses.

Disease management is also a part of this clinic for:

  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • high blood pressure
  • Hepatitis C
  • high cholesterol.

This clinic accepts all forms of Medicaid, private insurance and uses the federal poverty guidelines for sliding fee scale. Kenton Community Health Center also provides behavioral health services. Patients are screened for depression, substance abuse, problems with medications that might not be working well together and any other behavioral issues interfering with their health. Kenton Community Health Center’s medication costs can be reduced if you are uninsured. They also can bill your insurance plans for medications. Chiropractor works together with your provider to develop a treatment plan that will help you fell your best. Some issues that the chiropractor can assist with include:

  • migraines and headaches
  • leg and hip problems
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • back problems
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Tri-Geminal Joint syndrome.

The staff can help patients apply for Medicaid in helping patients complete the application, make copies that are needed and will call Job and Family Services for you.