Lunch menus for Kenton High School, Kenton Middle School, and Kenton Elementary Schools are updated on the Cafeteria’s webpage.

The Kenton Elementary menu is taking on a new look! We will continue the 4 week cycle but with a twist. The menu is in color and you must follow the calendar at the bottom of the page to see what week you are in. The menu is magnetic which is great for refrigerators, lockers, etc. One menu will go home with every elementary student.

This will be the menu for the entire school year. The calendar follows the Kenton City School calendar so you will know when there is no school or a 2 hour delay. You will notice on Lunch Menu #3 that Wednesday is “Cooks Choice”. On this day the menu will be a pot lunch which means it will be a pasta meal or macaroni and cheese meal. If you have questions, please call 419-675-7216.

Free and Reduced Lunch applications are available at all schools for those who may qualify.