For Kids to choose a healthy snack over high sugar and/or fat snack, they need the HEAR-SEE-DO process:  Understand what is healthy, why it matters, and provide access to great tasting, healthy foods.

Does that sound like a daunting task?  Let HKC make it easier to start the learning process with the resources (the HEAR and SEE) and activity. (DO) below!



HKC Healthy6 Printables – Offer families helpful snack suggestions.  Send home one a week. . .

Bumps on a Bagel Recipe

Snack Attack Questions and Answers

Snack Food Label Discovery

Snack Attack Healthy Me Challenge

Smart Servings Healthy Me Challenge



Snack activity for grades 1 to 3 (modify for younger or older kids)

1.  Talk with kids about the concepts of MORE and LESS.

Eat more healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, veggies, dairy, and protein.  Explain that healthy snack choices give energy and nutrients to think, learn and grow!

Eat less sugary and high fat foods like soda, candy, desserts and chips.  Explain the goal is to choose snacks lower in added fat and sugar for healthy balance.

2.  Lead the class in building a healthy snack list on a whiteboard using MyPlate food groups.   (Examples such as:)

GRAINS- whole grain crackers, mini bagels, dry cereal, low fat popcorn

VEGETABLES- baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, green pepper slices

FRUITS- apples, raisins, fruit cups

DAIRY- low fat milk, yogurt, cheese sticks

PROTEIN- lean deli meats, nuts, peanut butter

3.  Ask kids for other snack suggestions, help the class determine if the food is a higher or lower fat and/or sugar choice.

4.  Compile the kids “healthy snack favorites” list and send home.

5.  Encourage kids to talk with their parents about providing healthy meals.