Dear Parents/Guardians of Kenton City Schools’ students,

In the near future, (January 1, 2014), Kenton City Schools’ Back Pack Project will be supervised by the Central Church of Christ’s Pastor and members. The church is located at 815 East Franklin Street, Kenton, Ohio.

The reason for this transition is for the longevity of this nutrition program for families who need some extra food help throughout the school year. After the retirement of the schools nurse (in a couple of years), who has supervised this program since it started 3 years ago, the church will be already overseeing the program for years to come.

The program will remain the same as it has been in the past. The only change will be the supervisory component.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this change.


Brenda Jennings, R.N., B.A., Kenton City Schools Nurse