Superintendents from nearly 40 school districts, including Kenton City Schools, have come together and formed a network to advocate for positive changes in public education that we believe will make for better schools. The Northwest / West Central Ohio Public School Advocacy Network grew from concerns over a loss of local control in public education, and hope to inform our communities about challenges and opportunities public schools face so community members might exercise a more informed influence over state and local decisions involving our children’s education. The goal of this group is not only to advocate with legislators but to build a strong two-way communication between school districts and communities. This will help ensure that school officials understand the needs and hopes of their communities while communicating the challenges schools face. The superintendents want their communities involved and partnering with them to bring about change.

The first initiative of the Northwest / West Central Ohio Public School Advocacy Network is to conduct a survey within member school districts to assess the current sentiment, perception, and knowledge of residents about public education in our area. Results from the survey will be used to guide the network in future communications to our residents and to guide our advocacy efforts on a state and federal level. We encourage participation in the survey so that our members may better serve your community’s children.

To complete the survey, go to :

The network of superintendents will gather later in the spring to analyze the survey results. The results will help guide the group toward future communications and advocacy initiatives.