In an effort to take a proactive approach to ensure the safety of students and staff, the Kenton City Schools recently met with local law enforcement agencies to discuss additional safety measures that could be put in place for the remainder of this school year and in future years.

We believe it is important for local police to be present in our buildings on a regular basis to build relationships and to promote a safe learning environment for students and staff. While there is no current threat, it is critical that we engage local law enforcement officials in our daily operations in order to be prepared for any situation that involves the safety of our students and staff.

Discussions are currently taking place so that we might have school resource officers in our district on a daily basis. Until that time, please expect police officers to be in our buildings on a regular basis as we work to ensure a safe learning environment for all members of our school community.

Please know we take school safety matters very seriously and we will continue to work with local officials to provide the safest schools possible.