The Kenton City School District is excited to unveil a new branding campaign in front of staff members today at their annual back to school event. The logo was designed by Kory Hubble of HubbleArts.

New Kenton City Schools Logo Family aims to bring a professional brand to the district.


Project leader Joey Day said that the campaign will serve as a professional identity for the district.

“From my perspective I wanted to continue elevating our brand. We wanted Kenton to be the “benchmark” that others try to follow and emulate so by developing our own logo family we are able to not only develop our identity but do so at a very high level,” explained Day.

Day continues, “From an athletic perspective, we feel that we now have a brand that is on the same level of collegiate and professional teams that our student-athletes, coaches, fans, and community can embrace and be proud of.  We have a lot of new things happening within the athletic department that tie in to this project and I think it’s really going to be special for Kenton.”

The campaign sports a newly redesigned wildcat face, and claw, as well as a block “K” design and an old-English style “K.” Each school building and program have the ability to have a new logo to unify branding district-wide.

“Mr. Day taking on this task exemplifies the vision of the Kenton City School district of inspiring all to inquire, dream, and excel,” said Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski. “He was inspired by the need for the district to have one logo, he inquired by researching graphic designers to find the best person, he dreamt by gathering information from staff and community about what the new logo would like, and he excelled at the final product, not only providing a new wildcat logo but also providing a whole new logo family for the district,” she said.

District leadership is currently in the process of creating a procedure for the trademarked logo and branding information to be obtained by the community.