As a part of the Kenton City Schools’ mission to Inspire All to Inquire, Dream, and Excel, staff members have been submitting Inspirational stories and photos to share with each other and the community. The staff began their “Wildcat Inspiration” submissions by commending their coworker, Kevin Kapanka II for his humorous New Staff Video that was presented on Tuesday.

As a result, Kevin is the first employee to sign the District’s “Inspiration Flag,” and will be able to display it with pride for one week.  

Here’s what Kevin’s coworkers had to say about his comical spin on his new hire introduction:

“Kevin Kapanka’s video was inspirational in reminding me that it is a great idea to have fun at work. Not only was his video hilarious, but was also a fabulous reminder that we do not have to be serious all of the time.”

“Kevin Kapanka’s video was a home run, one of the best videos every submitted, he nailed it.”

“I, too, really loved Kevin Kapanka II. He really brought out the fun that morning and getting people to laugh is a good way to start the day.”

You can view Kevin’s video here: