Mrs. Rebecca Kimmel, 5th grade Math teacher at KES, inspires her students each year by hosting a funeral for Mr. I Can’t. Mrs. Kimmel dresses in black and asks students to dress in black that day (even though they don’t know why). A funeral dirge is playing while she somberly asks students to write down 3 things that they find difficult in math or “can’t” seem to do well. After folding their math struggles, students form a procession and drop them in a coffin at the front of the classroom as last rites to the “Late Mr. I Can’t.” Mrs. Kimmel describes how the adults are committed to helping them overcome their math struggles as they are a year older and a year smarter. They may say “not yet” for their math skills, but never “I can’t” again.
Here’s what one KES staff member had to say:
“Mrs. Kimmel’s 5th grade classroom is always hopping with excitement. From a funeral for the late Mr. I Can’t to a visit to Dr. Kimmel’s office to learn the difference between fair and equal, it is evident how excited her students are for class. Her passion shines through in her lessons and love for her kiddos. Who says math can’t be fun?!”