Thanks to a partnership with Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, Kenton City Schools students are able to receive career technical courses without leaving their home school. Mr. Justin Rigsby, who teaches information technology courses at Kenton High School and Ohio Hi-Point’s Northwood campus, has implemented a survey-style course at the middle school level.

“The idea is to spark an interest in Information Technology. Then, when they schedule for high school classes, we can hit the ground running with their career tech certifications,” said Mr. Rigsby.

The students that take the class work with the basics in mobile app development, circuitry, and video editing and production using industry-standard software like Adobe Premiere Pro and MIT AppInventor.

Mr. Justin Rigsby helps a Kenton Middle School student with her video editing project.


This is the first year for the course at the middle school level. As the course evolves, Mr. Rigsby plans to break content down by grade level. He is also fielding requests from students for a club revolving around the trade.