In 2012, Mr. Jared Manns formed the Global Service Committee. That committee, in collaboration with Reverend Scott Johnson who leads Hardin County’s “Be Like Brit” Group, purchased an internet antenna and service for an orphanage in Haiti for them to learn on services like ABC Mouse, receive treatment through telemedicine, and be connected to the outside world.

The Global Service Committee in 2012.


Since then, Kenton Middle School has been focused on supporting the orphanage which is named after Britney Gengel, a college student killed in the 2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Hati.

Before the holiday break, Reverend Johnson spoke to Mr. Jamie Bartlett’s Global Studies classes about the orphanage and its mission. Inspired by Johnson’s message, students wrote essays to apply to the “Be Like Brit Leadership Team” which is advised by Mr. Bartlett. Since then, the student lead initiative has been responsible for planning and coordinating the kickoff event and fundraising efforts where they reach out to local businesses. The team of students plans to conclude their 33-day challenge with a dance around Valentines Day. The goal is to raise $330 a month to cover the facility’s internet service for the year. The number 33 is a focal point at the orphanage, paying tribute to the 33 days that Gengel spent buried beneath the rubble following the earthquake.


Nikki Taylor presents a check to Mr. Bartlett from Pleasant Precision and the Pleasant Family covering a month of internet service for Be Like Brit.


The team was also responsible for coordinating presentations to elementary school students.


Be like Brit Leadership Team advisor Jamie Bartlett fires a t-shirt cannon into a crowd of energized students.