Annual Online Registration Required for all students who plan to attend Kenton City Schools during the 2019-2020 school year.


Students may be registered by clicking the following link: Registration for 2019-2020.

You will then select the Parent New Account and follow the instructions to complete your student(s) registration.  Families who created a FinalForms account for Athletics during this school year can simply Login to existing account using your email and password then complete registration for the 2019-2020 school year.  Parent/Guardian & Student accounts are saved year-to-year.  SnapCodes are no longer required.  If you are experiencing any issues, please click on the User Support button located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Be sure to READ the Important Bus Information Notice.  Note the changes to our policy and cut-off dates to request bussing so you can begin now to make any necessary arrangements for your child’s transportation for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Important Bus Information Notice

The Transportation section must be completed each new school year while registering your child online. You may refer to the Annual Online Registration sheet for step by step instructions.

If a change is made during the school year, a new transportation request form must be submitted and approved before the child is allowed to ride any other bus.  Changes need to be made three (3) days in advance by doing one of the following:

  1. Enter new information in FinalForms on Transportation page.
  2. Email new information to
  3. Call Bryan Clawson at 419-675-0887
  4. Call Robin Miller at 419-673-7248 ext.1114
  5. Complete Transportation Registration Request Form available in the main offices of each school building.

The new request will void any previous transportation requests.  If you do not ride without making contact for five (5) consecutive days, you will be dropped from the route.  Only one pick-up and one drop-off location is permitted for your child. If daily arrangements are needed, it will be the parent’s responsibility to provide them.  

Transportation is available to and from a babysitter and/or daycare provider under the following conditions:  

  1. Childcare provider resides in the student’s school district of attendance.
  2. Childcare provider must be outside school walk boundary.
  3. Only one pick-up point and one drop-off stop will be assigned. If daily arrangements are needed, it will be the parent’s responsibility to provide them.

Transportation/Registration needs to be completed as soon as possible.   All requests received after August 10th will not be processed until two weeks after school starts.

What does the new bus policy mean to me?

We are always looking to improve in all areas.  These policy changes will increase our efficiency and safety for all students.  Thank you for your part in keeping our children safe.

  • Notes or phone calls to school to change bussing will no longer be permitted.
  • Daily bus changes are no longer permitted.  Changes must be made 3 days in advance.
  • Changing transportation to ride the bus with friends or family is no longer permitted.
  • If daily arrangements are needed, it will be the parent’s responsibility to provide them.

If a situation arises where your child cannot ride the bus, picking up your child is an option by notifying the office before 12:00 or arriving in person before 2:30.