Press Release: March 13, 2020

Information –  March 13, 2020:


Athletic events, scrimmages, practices, lifting, workouts, team activities, cheer try-outs, spring pictures and any other school sport related activity has been canceled beginning Saturday, Mar… […]

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🩺 All COVID-19 Information 🏥

Kenton City Schools responses to COVID-19 and updated information. Newest information is posted at the top.


Press Release: March 12, 2020 – COVID-19 Information – Information regarding the limiting of large, indoor group events, t… […]

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COVID-19 Information

Administrators and school health professionals from each of the Hardin County Schools held a meeting on March 10th with leadership from the Hardin County Health Department, the Hardin County EMA, the Hardin Memorial Hospital, and the Hardin County … […]

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